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The Center of Excellence for Research in Infectious Diseases is an internationally recognized epidemiological center that conducts high quality, independent research to provide the latest healthcare advancements in prevention and treatment of infectious diseases for the Louisville community and beyond. Our team of over 500 employees and trainees works in a fully equipped training facility to achieve our vision of informing, revising, and transforming preventative care practices for infectious diseases across all disciplines.


Tshura Ali, PhD

Epidemiology Lead


Furmanek, MPH

Biostatistics Lead


Marimuthu, PhD

Biorepository Lead

Dawn Balcom, DNP

Community Outreach Lead

Maria Hill

Regulatory & Compliance Lead

William Mattingly, PhD

Informatics Lead

Kimberly Buckner

Education & Training Lead

Dan Kapp

Financial Lead

Mohammed Tahboub

Quality Assurance Lead