A self sufficient, academic center of excellence with the capabilities for large-scale population-based research


Our Research Support is the only self-sufficient group at the University of Louisville with the capacity to conduct independent, large-scale population-based studies. Its revolutionary approach, provides interdisciplinary results and inter-professional learning for research endeavors across the University. At CERID, we structure our research into three main areas: Epidemiological Studies, Clinical Studies, and Laboratory Studies.



Considered a cornerstone methodology of public health research, our epidemiological studies benefit from our holistic research capabilities. We conduct research of broad scope in great depth without sacrificing precision. 


We understand the medical issues faced by various population groups and the risk factors associated with specific diseases. This enables us to serve our study groups effectively and publish research on a large scale.

Doctor and Patient


Led by our Principle Investigator Julio Ramirez, clinical studies are approached through observation or trial. Our clinical studies require the combined efforts of community-based interventions and quality care from our team of investigators.


Using our in-house research laboratory, the Center of Excellence for Research in Infectious Diseases is provided the proper amenities to measure and experiment procedures, treatment, and effects of a study on a given population.


Research and training are performed prior to these studies, and further research is measured through our team of trained professionals.

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Center of Excellence for 

Research in Infectious Diseases

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