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Project ECHO


The learning approach of Project ECHO is based upon didactic lecture followed by case-based learning using a hub and spoke model that is the foundation for the ECHO model.  Project ECHO is a healthcare education and mentoring platform to help develop knowledge and self-efficacy.  Each ECHO session is accompanied by best practice tools and resources that enable participants to immediately apply learning from that particular session.  This enables participants who attend the entire series (all presentations) to achieve a certificate of completion issued by the University of Louisville Center for Research in Infectious Diseases (CERID).  Continuing education credits (e.g., CME, CPE, and CNE) are provided for each session.

Sessions will be delivered via the ZOOM platform using the ECHO knowledge sharing model.   Participants will access each session via a link that will connect them directly to the session.  Each session will begin with a brief didactic presentation that addresses the learning objectives for that session.  Case studies will be used to bring a robust discussion capability that will provide real-world examples and demonstrations for the participants.  ECHO enables both verbal exchange as well as chat functions that facilitate this type of discussion and interaction to create a community of practice through a learning loop of hub and spoke engagement.  This approach will provide them with background information relevant to the topic then take them through practical application. 

Hub team session debriefing is done following each session to assure there is a process to address participant questions and comments.  The hub team is also responsible for working together to maintain connection and cohesion across the sessions to ensure that learning objectives for each session as well as the entire series continues to be evaluated for achievement.

To learn more about Project ECHO, visit https://echo.unm.edu/