Louisville COVID-19 Vaccine Study

A Study for Healthcare Workers, by Healthcare Workers.
Principal Investigators: Julio Ramirez MD, Ruth Carrico PhD DNP, Forest Arnold DO

If you live in Kentuckiana and work in a health care setting - from a large hospital to a small clinic - we want to know your interest in participating in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. Individuals who may be interested in this vaccine study can provide their contact information to learn more. 

Groups of particular focus for this vaccine study include those who interact directly with patients, such as:

  • Physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and nursing assistants

  • Paramedics, Firefighters and EMTs

  • Home health and Long Term Care Facilities staff

  • Environmental, food services and facilities personnel

  • Physical, Respiratory, Occupational, Speech and other therapists

  • Technicians and front desk personnel

  • Others in direct contact with patients

Cleaning Hospital Room

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Complete the initial questionnaire to indicate your interest in participating and receive additional instructions.


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Join our principal investigators in an open forum to learn more about COVID-19 Phase 3 vaccine trials and ask questions.

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Research in Infectious Diseases


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