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The mission of both the University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections and the Journal of Refugee & Global Health is to facilitate publication and dissemination of valuable research and educational information in the area of respiratory infections.


Our open access peer-reviewed journals publish information that is peer reviewed by experts in the field with the goal of assuring high scientific standard. In addition, the peer-review process guides and mentors investigators to achieve quality scientific publications. The uniqueness of this peer-review approach, with an emphasis on a mentoring methodology, can be achieved due to the high commitment of international editors with experts in the field of respiratory infections as well as global health.


The primary goal of our mentoring approach to peer-review is to show the authors pathways for manuscript improvement. The publications from both ULJRI & RGH are open access to facilitate the movement of that information into the large global community interested in the field of respiratory infections and global health. Dissemination of scientific information is seriously limited when there is a subscription fee to access the information.

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