Making new strides in the realm of infectious diseases, not only helping those in our community, but people across the globe.


Louisville is the only place in the world where researchers have access to an entire community whose demographical makeup is transferable to the United States. Although CERID is located in Kentucky, our research and services can be extrapolated across the globe. With two internationally recognized scholarly journal repositories, CERID aims to provide worldwide access to the most reliable sources of information regarding infectious diseases and comparative perspectives focused on refugee groups. From Louisville to the world, we strive to inform, revise, and transform guidelines and recommendations for the standard practice of care and preventative measures relating to infectious diseases.

The Journal of Respiratory Infections aims to provide worldwide access to the most reliable sources of information in the form of original manuscripts, review articles, patient management, and short communications.

The Journal of Refugee and Global Health is  designed to inform practitioners, researchers, and students regarding the happens in the practice across the globe. RGH prioritizes international and comparative perspectives and cases focused on specific groups, regions, or countries.

The International Respiratory Infections Society (IRIS) is a not-for-profit corporation of an international organization of individual persons​. The objective of the International Respiratory Infections Society (IRIS) shall be to promote research in the field of respiratory infections.

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Research in Infectious Diseases

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