As an academic center of excellence backed by the University of Louisville, an important part of our strategy revolves around education. Through our various training programs, we provide multi-disciplinary learning opportunities for students, clinical investigators, research associates and other health care professionals. By offering a combination of hands on learning experiences and classroom-style instruction, we commit ourselves to teaching university-based clinical and translational research.




The learning approach of Project ECHO is based upon didactic lecture followed by case-based learning using a hub and spoke model that is the foundation for the ECHO model.  Project ECHO is a healthcare education and mentoring platform to help develop knowledge and self-efficacy.

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We are committed to educating about our university-based translational research. CERID proudly offers several hands on opportunities for students to learn more about infectious diseases from many different aspects.



The Center for Education and Training in Infection Prevention focuses on promoting training and education that is critical for addressing infection prevention in communities and healthcare settings across Kentucky.

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