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Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization (CAPO)


The current protocol for the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization's study is titled: "An International, Observational Study to Evaluate Current Management of Hospitalized Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia". The protocol is the guiding document for investigators interested in participating in CAPO. Before engaging in a new study using CAPO, all investigators and their study team should review the protocol to understand the main tenets behind the study.



The Data Collection Manual (DCM) contains an annotated copy of the Case Report Form (CRF). Please consult the DCM as the first step for clarification regarding the data you should record on your CRF.

Data Collection Manual

The CAPO Case Report Form (CRF) is a paper tool for investigators to use to manually collect and record data on subjects they are enrolling into the CAPO study. Once complete, investigators or a designee should enter the data into the CAPO database. Investigators are further advised to keep the CRFs in a secure area for future reference.

Case Report Form

Data from CAPO has been used in numerous publications for more than a decade. This list represents a sampling of publications based on CAPO data. Each of these selected publications can be found on PubMed (PubMed document identifiers are provided)


In 2003, Dr. Julio Ramirez, a primary CAPO investigator with the University of Louisville wrote, "Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A plan for implementing national guidelines" to introduce junior investigators and clinical research staff to the topic of community-acquired pneumonia.