Our mission is simple – to generate new knowledge through clinical and population-based research.

Our vision is to inform, revise and transform preventive care practices and treatments for all disease through laboratory, clinical and population-based research immediately improving the overall health of the Louisville community and beyond.

Our strategy is to inclusively and actively engage healthcare facilities, healthcare personnel, industry, and communities at large in population-based research efforts that result in improvements in the human condition and foster a multi-disciplinary environment for clinical research that is unique to Louisville, Kentucky.

Our success depends on superior integrity, making quality a cornerstone in every aspect of our work. We produce the highest quality information, methods and professionals. We publish new, evidenced-based knowledge that improves policy. We provide interdisciplinary results that transform preventive care.


Center of Excellence for

Research in Infectious Diseases


501 E. Broadway, Suite 100

Louisville, KY  40202

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