The Center’s primary mission is to provide the Louisville community with the latest health care advancements in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.


The Center of Excellence for Research in Infectious Diseases (CERID) generates new knowledge in the area of infectious diseases by performing “Bench Research” or research in the laboratory, “Clinical Research” or research in individuals, and “Epidemiology Research” or research in populations.


The Center is composed of several Research Divisions. Each Research Division is directed by faculty members from the University of Louisville. 

Center Director: Julio Ramirez, MD

Dr. Ramirez is Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Louisville.


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Center Associate Director & Director of Clinical Research: Forest Arnold, DO

Dr. Arnold is faculty member in Infectious Diseases at the University of Louisville. He is leading the University of Louisville Hospital Epidemiology Program.


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